Courtney Rumbold
Full Name

Courtney Mariah Rumbold


11 July 1992


Singer, Song-writer

Years active


Courtney Rumbold (Born 11 July 1992) Is 1/3 of the british pop band, Stooshe. She is the youngest of the band. @Court_Stooshe


Courtney Mariah Rumbold, born 11 July 1992, was born and raised in Penge in London. She was educated at Cator Park School for Girls in Beckenham, London. She is the youngest member of the band and was the first to join. Courtney is the main rapper of the group. She has two cats: Koko & Kenzie. She came out to her immediate family as a lesbian in the original version of the group's single "Love Me". She is 1/4 Jamaican and used to work in Marks & Spencers.

Role in the bandEdit

Courtney is the main rapper of the group. And compleate with the crazy hair, she is the wildest one of the group even though she is the youngest one of the group.


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