London With The Lights On




27 May 2013




Pop, R&B, Motown


Future Cut, Chris Braide, Scotty Granger, Mo Brandis




London With The Lights On is the debut album by three-piece English R&B girl group Stooshe. It was originally called "Swings & Roundabouts" and set for release on 25 June 2012, but was held back. Then it was called "Stooshe" for release on 26 November 2012 but was held back for a second time. Eventually it was renamed and was released on 27 May 2013 via CD & Digital Download.

It peaked at number 8 in the UK Albums Chart, becoming the band's first ever album in the Top 10. It also peaked at #9 in the Scottish Albums Chart and #30 in the Irish Albums Chart.

The album has two official versions: the Standard Edition with 14 songs, and the Deluxe Edition with 19 songs + Out-takes from the album's recording.

Single Releases

"Love Me" was released on 4 March 2012 and was originally the album's lead single, back when it was a self-titled album; it peaked at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. Becoming the band's first ever single to enter the charts and the Top 5.

"Black Heart" was released as the second single on 15 June 2012 and became the group's highest charting single to date, peaking at number 3 in the UK and having sold over 800,000 copies total. It has been the first, and only single so far, to reach the Top 3. The song is so popular it as entered the UK charts on at least 3 separate occasions.

The third single from the album was initially intended to be "Waterfalls", a cover of the TLC song, which was released on 11 November 2012; however, Stooshe later revealed that it would not make the cut for the final tracklist and that they were disowning it, effectivly becoming a non-album single.

"Slip" was released as the album's third single on 12 May 2013 and reached number 12 in the UK charts.

The final single "My Man Music" was released as the album's fourth single on 28 July 2013, ending the London With The Lights On era.


Stooshe's debut album was announced around the time of the release of the first single "Love Me", initially titled Swings and Roundabouts and a release date was set for 25 June 2012. However, this was pushed back due to the fact that Stooshe announced the album would be self-titled (Stooshe) and would be released on 26 November 2012. On 15 November, Digital Spy reported that the album's release would be delayed again. A statement from the group explained "Following a late rush of creativity which has seen them write some of the best songs of their career, Stooshe have decided to delay the release of their debut album until March 2013 so they have time to record these songs for inclusion on the album." Stooshe added that they would be going back to the studio soon to record the new songs.

It was later confirmed that the album would be released on 27 May 2013. The band revealed that they delayed the release of the album to undo their record label's interference. Anderson stated "It was down to us that our album didn't come out months ago". "It was ready to go, but we was listening to it and realised the label had changed a few mixes, a few structures and even taken off a few songs. We made this album before we got signed so it was important for us to still have control." The band also added that their third single, "Waterfalls", would not appear on the album and that they were disowning it.

Following Warner's interferance with the album, Stooshe parted ways with the record label in autumn 2013 and will continue to work independently for their sophomore album, but they have said that they would consider joining another label.


Standard Edition Tracklist
1. Slip 3:45
2. Love Me 3:05
3. Black Heart 3:28
4. Jimmy 3:42
5. My Man Music 3:32
6. Kiss Chase 3:18
7. Round 2 3:57
8. Hoochi Mumma 3:39
9. Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 3:37
10. Put The Kettle On 4:01
11. Perfectly Wrong 3:42
12. See Me Like This 3:29
13. Fly Again 4:14
14. Turning Me On 3:18
Deluxe Edition

(Bonus Tracks)

15. Ain't No Other Me 3:03
16. Inbred City 3:41
17. Shame 3:03
18. Whatta Man 4:28
19. Here Comes The Hotstepper 3:37
20. Out-takes 2:39