Official Singles (in order of release)

London With The Lights On songs (in alphabetical order, excluding official singles)

Other songs

Unreleased/Upcoming songs (in alphabetical order)

  • Beautiful (You Are, We Are)
  • Breathe
  • Deeper
  • Delirious
  • Drunken Detour
  • Give It To Ya
  • High Hopes
  • In Too Deep (Wouldn't Wanna Be That Girl)
  • Just Hold On
  • Keep On Coming
  • Lazy
  • Love, Blind, Suicide
  • Love Is The Answer
  • Mannequin
  • The Meaning
  • Money Money Money
  • Money Talks
  • Now's The Time (Gimme Your Love)
  • Running Wild
  • Shots Fired (ft. Beenie Man)
  • Where Do I?
  • TBA