‘’The new album represents freedom and choice, a snapshot of the journey we have been on so far. We can’t wait to share it, learn from it and grow with it’’ - Stooshe
Stooshe's sophomore studio album, now untitled, will be released in 2017, the band revealed through a Live Facebook Q&A Livestream. They also said that the album is being wrapped up and that they have a lot of choice now, something they didn't have on the first album. The album will tell the story of their journey and experiences in the past two years after their first studio album London With The Lights On.

The south London trios sophomore album which, hosts an array of talent including Carla Marie Williams (Beyoncé), Grammy winner Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas) and hit producers Dr. Vades. The album also burst some great collaborations, including Beenie Man (see below) and Ghostwriter (Rudimental, Jess Glynne, Foxes...) and promises to represent the journey Stooshe have embarked on over the past 18 months. It draws on inspiration from Destiny’s Child and SWV, fused with strong beats, thick synths and live instruments. The sound is a natural evolution of the group, but remains true to their pop, R'n'B and soulful melody.

As the girl group is now, older, wiser and in the driving seat, Stooshe commented: ‘’The new album represents freedom and choice, a snapshot of the journey we have been on so far. We can’t wait to share it, learn from it and grow with it’’.

In an interview with Attitude UK, Courtney said that: "our new album is about acceptance and coming together".

During a Live Facebook Q&A Livestream they said that between 10 to 15 songs could be on the album with the possibility of a deluxe version. In an interview with 'The Student Pocket Guide', Stooshe revealed that "we are going to try and give a visual EP or something that the fans can have before the album". The band are toying with the idea of bringing back interludes for their album.

Songs Edit

(Stooshe has writing credits on all songs)

Confirmed songs:

  • Lock Down (first official single release, 15 January 2016) [EXPLICIT]
  • Let It Go (second official single release, 1 July 2016)
  • Give It To Ya (a snippet of it is heard at the end of the video for 'Lock Down')

Songs performed that could be included: (in alphabetical order)

  • Beautiful
  • Breathe (written by Anne-Marie and produced by Ghostwriter)
  • In Too Deep (which samples Mary J Blige's song 'Real Love')
  • Just Hold On
  • Keep On Coming
  • Love, Blind, Suicide
  • Love Is The Answer (written by Laura White)
  • Mannequin
  • Money Talks (or Dirty Money) [EXPLICIT]
  • Now's The Time
  • Running Wild
  • Shots Fired (ft. Beenie Man) (A music video in the Caribbean might happen)

Other possible songs/Other:

  • Interludes (on the track-list)
  • An unnamed Motown ballad track about women empowerment
  • Deeper (a song they recorded in 2014 for the Universal Studios UK film "#Legacy")
  • High Hopes
  • Lazy
  • The Meaning
  • Where Do I?

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